Finding The Best and Safest Tent Heater Guide

For the avid camper, having the right equipment is vital to enjoying the time in the great outdoors. Most campers have there fair share of stories of camping trip that was a near disaster because of a lack of vital equipment or a failure of existing camping equipment. The elements of the outdoors can be harsh and when vital camping equipment fails it can make a wonderful retreat turn into a disaster.

Below is the interactive chart of heaters that will help you decide the best tent heater for you.


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Product Name and Photo
Special Features
Mr. Heater F232000 MH9BX Buddy 4,000-9,000-BTU Indoor-Safe Portable Radiant Heater
4,000- to 9,000-BTU radiant heater for spaces up to 200 square feet
Approved for indoor/outdoor use; clean-burning; nearly 100-percent efficient
Auto shut-off if tipped over, if pilot light goes out, or if detects low oxygen levels
Fold-down handle; swivel-out regulator; connects to propane tank (not included)
Measures 9 by 14-1/5 by 14-2/5 inches; 1-year limited warranty
Coleman BlackCat PerfecTemp Catalytic Heater with InstaStart Technology
Coleman BlackCat PerfecTemp Catalytic Heater with InstaStart Technology
Powerful 3,000-BTU heating unit
Runs up to 7 hours on one 16.4-oz. propane cylinder (sold separately)
InstaStart ignition for easy, matchless lighting
PerfecTemp Catalytic technology for safe, efficient flameless heat -- at the game, in the tent, in the garage or around the home
High and low temperature settings

Mr. Heater 80,000 BTU Propane Convection Heater #MH80CV
Mr. Heater 80,000 BTU Propane Convection Heater #MH80CV
30,000-80,000 Btu portable propane convection heater
For construction sites, workshops, barns, etc.; heats up to 1,900 square feet
360-degree directional heat;
Minimum 20-pound propane cylinder not included; 10-foot hose and regulator included
Adequate combustion and ventilation air must be provided; limited 1-year warranty

Mr. Heater MH18B, Portable Propane Heater
Swivel regulators and single control
Automatic low oxygen shutoff system
Accidental tip-over safety shutoff
Heats up to 400 square feet
Low, medium, and high heat level control knob for steady temperature

Coleman GolfCat Perfectemp Catalytic Propane Heater
Push button electronic matchless lighting
3,000 BTU output
Provides seven hours of comfortable warmth from one 16.4 ounce propane cylinder (not included)
Stands on a table, floor, or any flat surface

Lasko 754200 Ceramic Heater with Adjustable Thermostat
ETL listed with cool-touch housing
1500-watt high setting, 900-watt low setting, and fan-only option
Manual controls; self-regulating ceramic element; quiet operation
Automatic overheat protection for safety; convenient carrying handle
Measures 5.75" X 7" x 9.2"

Zodi Outback Gear X-40 Hot Vent Tent Heater, BlackRugged high-output portable, safe air heater with all-metal construction
Safe, clean forced heat in seconds without dangerous fumes
Sets up in seconds, just connect to 12 volt power and propane tank
Compact size - everything stores and transports easily in included gear bag
Connects easily to 5 gal. propane tanks

Mr. Heater MH35LP 35,000-BTU Propane Radiant Heater
35,000-BTU portable propane radiant heater with folding handle and wheels
Heats up to 800 square feet; ideal for workshops or construction sites
Efficient radiant heat warms objects directly, not the surrounding air
Requires 20-pound propane cylinder (not included); hose and regulator included
Measures approximately 12 by 10 by 34 inches; 1-year limited warranty

Camco 57341 Olympian Wave-6 6000 BTU LP Gas Catalytic Heater
Adjustable from 3200 to 6000 BTU/hr allow it to be used as a primary or secondary heating source
Wave heaters operate on low pressure gas, and can be wall mounted or used as a portable unit
No electrial drain or battery connection make it the ideal solution for boondocking and dry camping
Wave heaters operate silently-no fan or blower noise
Equipped with a safety shut-off valve to help prevent accidental non-ignition fuel discharge

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For those people who like to camp in the off season, one of the most vital pieces of camping equipment is a tent heater. These tent heaters allow for tents to be real temporary living spaces that are much more tolerable for the camper. In the evenings, most campers know the temperatures can drop down quite low. This can occur as early as September in some parts of the United States. However, with a good tent heater, campers can enjoy the outdoors without worry of their sleeping and resting space being to un-temperate to tolerate or enjoy.

Today, there are many brands of tent heaters on the market. But knowing the right tent heater to choose can be difficult. Especially because the choices today are far greater than ever before. Certainly, there are some tried and true brand names that can always trusted overall for many different types of camping equipment including tent heaters. But there are some other brand name tent heaters that are excellent as well.

In the beginning of tent heating, the very first tent heater was built by Coleman. As most campers know Coleman is the leading brand in camping equipment. Since their very beginnings in 1905, Coleman has been the leader in camping equipment. Coleman and their camping ingenuity has helped millions of campers feel more secure when they are in the woods. That is why it should be no surprise that Coleman helped campers realize their dream of having heat supplied when camping in a tent in the off season.

Camping fans know the correct camping equipment is essential in order to have a good camping experience. Even during the warmest months of the year, the weather conditions can change quickly and a warm and comfortable day may turn into a cold, or even freezing, night. A proper camping heater can make the difference between a comfortable evening in the tent and a miserably cold night.

The first camping tent heater and most of the camping tent heaters are run on propane. This has many benefits for campers because as a fuel source, propane canisters are available all across the country and are often readily available in remote towns where campers frequent. Because propane is a clean gas heating fuel and works well in outside conditions it is a good choice for a tent heater and is safer than using liquid heating such as kerosene. Overall a Portable Propane Heater is one of the best Camping Heaters available.

When looking for a good propane tent heater, there are a few important things to look for. First, output is important. Campers can find themselves with insufficient heating if they buy a propane tent heater that is too small. Each camping tent heater should display output on the box so consumers are aware of what they are buying and if it is sufficient for their needs. While the majority of consumers that purchase the wrong size tent heater usually buy an insufficient one, some people actually buy tent heaters that are too large for their tent space. Tent heaters should be purchased using a gauge based on cubic foot coverage. Smaller tents can easily get over heated with a super sized tent heater, and larger tents can remain cool at night with an insufficient tent heater.

Top Brands of Tent Heaters

Some of the top tent heaters on the market include a few premium brands. Mr. Heater, Stansport, and of course Coleman. There are lesser brands as well, some of which are fairly good heaters. However, it should be noted that before purchasing any tent heater that consumers check on product reviews. Because a tent heater should have certain safety measures intact getting the right brand is important for safety and for practicality.

Coleman Tent Heater

Coleman has two main brands of tent heaters, the Black Cat and the Sportcat. Both of these heaters come in different sizes and are well known for their efficiency, durability, safety and output. Consumers who are looking for a tent heater would do well with either of these heaters as long as the right size heater is used.

These models do not have automatic shut off, but offer the convenience of size. The Black Cat tips the scales at four pounds (3,500 BTU covering 80 square feet), and the smallest Sport Cat only two (1,500 BTU covering 40 square feet). Both are catalytic, meaning they are safe to use in enclosed areas, burn clean, and are better suited for warming the air rather than directing the heat at a person. Comparable in BTU output, the line outperforms in longevity with fourteen continuous hours on low.

Mr Buddy Portable Heater

Of all the other brand name tent heaters, Mr. Heater is one of the best. This manufacturer has established itself as a premium brand name. Their heaters are durable, efficient, safe and work well for tents of all sizes. Here too it is advisable to look for the right size tent heater so the heater can perform at its best Mr. Heater units have good safety measures including an automatic safety shut off gauge in case the oxygen ratio is not sufficient. This can bring a great deal of peace of mind for campers and makes it one of the safest tent heater manufacturers. These are especially good for those campers who use the unit in pop up trailers or other less open air camping units.

A lightweight at about six pounds and propane fueled with an output of 3,800 BTU with all the safety shut-offs. It’s rated suitable for indoor use and spaces up to 100 square feet. While it is perfect for jobs such as warming up a deer blind, small tents, and taking the frost of fingers, it burns fast through a one pound cylinder in about four or five hours and does not have a temperature control knob.

Mr. Heater Tent Heater Portable: About 9.5 pounds without the fuel canister, this compact radiant heat unit may not be practical when the hiking load requires precise packing for weight. However, with all the features of the Little Buddy — plus temperature control knob, automatic ignition switch, and 4,000 to 9,000 BTU of power that can keep 200 square feet comfortable in the coldest temperatures — it’s worth serious consideration. It will run about five hours on a one pound canister, but unlike other similar products this one can be connected to a 20 lb tank.

All Pro Heater

No matter what unit or name brand tent heater a camper chooses, consumers are advised to research the tent heater product they are looking at before they invest in it and be sure it will provide them with what they need. Issues such as efficiency, safety, durability, and output should all be considered. Customer reviews for these tent heater brands can be found online so research can be done readily.

Important things to bring camping

Although many things will happen unexpectedly and beyond our control, it is still essential to plan ahead and make things sure, everything is prepared and in control as far as the start off of an outdoor activity is concern. After all, you may not find any convenience store nearby to accommodate in case you have forgotten something what you need. Therefore, it is always better to make a list on the important things to bring camping to make the experience more memorable and to avoid any reason that can spoil the moment that is meant to be fun and exciting adventure.

For those first time campers, it is very important to be aware of the many things that might happen so that when worse comes to worse, you somehow know or have an idea how to handle possible situation that you may run into. I have collected the important things you need to have when going for a camping.


Best Tents (Your home-away-from-home)

Tents can be one major equipment that can make or break your camping experience. It is therefore important to have the best tent suitable for your need and requirements. There are a vast choices and they all come in different styles and sizes, thus list the things to consider before buying the right shelter for you.

Price. Though budget can be tight, never compromise the risk of taking the wrong item with you. Especially when you’re planning to have a long camp, always consider to have a tent that can survive in extreme conditions like high winds, rain or snow. Choose a durable and reliable shelter that will save you from any danger or misery.

Outdoor Survival

Ignorance can harm you. Be prepared. Do not panic. Always keep yourself prepared for the things that can happen to you in the wilderness. Before you camp out, tell the people you know where you are going and how long you plan to be there. Never forget to bring the basic survival kit because anything can happen and when worse strikes you, you know how to handle it.